Film: Ryan + Kristin Part II

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June 7, 2013

We wanted to share with you some more gorgousness from Ryan and Kristin’s wedding. We just got our scans back from The Film Box based out of Nashville, TN and loving what we got!  Ryan + Kristin really made our job easy, so I had no doubt in my mind that the film we had developed would turn out beautifully! The colors from their wedding really look amazing on film and we are so happy to see how beautiful the photos turned out!

This was our first time using the Contax 645 and Fuji Pro 400H for a wedding! We love every opportunity we get to use our Contax!

Check out the beautiful photos of Kristin + Ryan’s wedding. To see their full wedding post, go here.

Kristin is so beautiful, we couldn’t help but to keep photographing her!

I really love the how Ryan looks with his suit and the background!

Loving the almost kiss!

These photos below are so Ryan & Kristin, a little bit of seriousness and silliness!

I really love this photo of Kristin an her hair piece!

We hope you are loving the film as much as we are!!!


  1. love their portraits!

  2. Natalie says:

    Love this film goodness! Gorgeous!

  3. Brea says:

    Gorgeous!!! I love that these were all film!

  4. Lauren C says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Very impressive!

  5. Terra Dawn says:

    Gorgeous!!!! Man I love film. 😀 It seems to be a perfect match for you guys too!!

  6. Gaby says:

    There’s nothing like shooting on film. Beautiful shots guys! I especially love the one where the bride is looking down and you can see her tiara and her long eyelashes.

  7. Carly Fuller says:

    Wow these are so beautiful! LOVE the film LOVVVVVE

  8. I miss film- there is just so much more depth. It really captures these two!

  9. Kristin Miller says:

    WOW, GUYS! These are absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done! LOVE!

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